Mission Critical Communications

Mission Critical Communications | Rockwell Collins' ARINC Intelligence Surveillance and ReconnaissanceARINC have been delivering mission critical communications globally for over 80 years. Founded on a history of unparalleled engineering excellence, ARINC is perfectly placed to supply all your inflight communication requirements.

Voice and Data

Voice Communication Systems | Rockwell Collins' ARINC Intelligence Surveillance and ReconnaissanceSupporting traditional voice and data communications as well as the newest data and video streaming technology/applications, SwiftBroadband is a satellite technology that will grow with your aircraft.


SwiftBroadband | Rockwell Collins' ARINC Intelligence Surveillance and ReconnaissanceSwiftBroadband by ARINC offers competitive rates, simplified billing, and 24x7x365 tech support make us the logical provider for all of your Inmarsat requirements.

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